Sparks Around the Board Room Table 2021

How has COVID-19 impacted organisational culture?

Hear from our guest panel: Heather Watson (MC), Alice Evans (CEO, True), Hon Dr. Gary Johns (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commissioner), Peter Ffrench (Chairman, yourtown), and Richard Haire (Chairman, Endeavour Foundation) as they lead the discussion on this year’s Sparks Around the Board Room Table theme, ‘the agility and adaptability of NFPs.’

Please refer to the following timestamps for the key moments of the event or listen to the complete audio recording, below.


  • Acknowledgements of country and introduction of panel members (00:00)
  • Overview of the event and this year’s theme (05:15)
  • Introduction by Dylys (7:20)
  • Panel discussion:
    • Based on our panel members’ experiences over the past 18 months: what does it mean to have the right culture or absence of the right culture? (10:57)
    • Adaptive cultural elements: where do you see potential future challenges? (30:13)
  • Q&A segment (43:42)
    • From a board perspective, was there a particular insight or strategy around knowing in advance whether the team was capable of responding to the transformational change? (45:34)
    • Reflecting on the recommendations of the Royal Commission into institutional child abuse, how has your organisation changed to take up the safeguarding of children responsibilities/movement towards a child safe organisation? (49:24)
    • Have there been any learnings in regards to adjusting board composition or the experience of board members being prepared to come on to boards? (54:13)
  • Closing remarks (59:03)

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“As a sector, we’re innately cautious of risks – particularly as it applies to our clients. There’s a powerful sense that we are taking care of people who look to us for wise choices…I think that’s baked into the sector’s DNA.”

–Richard Haire, Endeavour Foundation

Audio Recording

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