Windsor Group provides executive search and staffing solutions at all levels across not-for-profit, corporate and government sectors.

An experienced professional services employment agency, Windsor Group is dedicated to recommending the right permanent, contract and temporary employees to advance a client’s progress and enrich the life journey for each successful candidate.

Your Windsor Consultant will be there for you – and your premier candidates – every step of the way throughout and well beyond your assignment to ensure you have the right person for your needs.

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Let us assist you to find high quality temporary staff quickly. Our network of office and administration temps across Queensland bring exceptional skills to a wide range of roles.

With a database built across corporate, not-for-profit and government organisations we are renowned for responding rapidly to client requests and finding the best possible temporary and contract staff.

We implement a rigorous screening process to ensure we have experienced professionals ready to come in and extend your support capacity. Job seekers are interviewed, tested and evaluated for suitability before being placed on the availability roster. We assess their skills, experience, professional presentation, attitude, sense of responsibility, flexibility and ability to conform to client values and standards. Our reference checking is extensive and thorough and they are bound to a Windsor Code of Conduct.

One of our core values is building capacity in the individuals and organisations we work with. Our temps and contractors are offered free opportunities for upskilling and personal development through a program of Windsor events and sessions

This means we are confident of the quality of our temps and contractors to step into your organisation, often on very short notice.

We place the following roles from our database:

  • accounts people and accountants
  • administrators – with various specialties
  • coordinators of all types
  • events coordinators and assistants
  • EAs and PAs
  • data entry professionals
  • payroll administrators
  • practice personnel and managers
  • roster clerks
  • sales specialists
  • receptionists
  • Emergency centre staff across Queensland


Windsor Group is experienced in finding skills based Directors for Board positions.


Boards acknowledge their need to have Directors who bring specific skills and experience to add value around the table.

We can also assist with Board evaluations, identifying skills gaps, position descriptions, performance profiling, teamwork training, achieving diversity and professional development for non-financial Directors.

We can deliver the Windsor Difference in recruiting for boards because:

    • We have a comprehensive talent base
    • We have recruited across Australia and internationally
    • Our industry affiliations are broad and continually growing
    • High level industry intelligence enables us to make perceptive direct approaches
    • A vigorous schedule of events keeps industry influencers very close


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Windsor Group has access to a number of experts in various disciplines who are available to take on special projects in the nonprofit sector.


Available now: David M

Market-proven diagnostic change strategist & transformation specialist

A masterful hands-on strategist and consummate ‘right hand man, David has led and executed a number of large-scale strategic and business-critical projects across the nonprofit sector. Most recent projects have been at UnitingCare Queensland, GoodStart Early Learning and Mission Australia.

David is now eager to look at projects where he can use his expertise in diagnostic change management to “lend a hand” as a project leader, 2IC, interim executive, coach, strategist or mentor. Or, perhaps in some other way that will suit your purposes even better.

Flexible, affordable and nonprofit-friendly, you couldn’t ask for a better helper!

So, if you have a big, hard or under resourced project that you’re confronting and know you’re going to need some help, contact us and we can tell you more or put you directly in touch with this expert.


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Has your employment or business been impacted by COVID-19? Here’s how our Outplacement Program can help


While governments have been generous is providing stopgap measures for many businesses and individuals, that’s not going to be forever. And it doesn’t work for everyone.

Many businesses are slimming down, going on hold, folding, curtailing operations and implementing widespread retrenchments in a valiant effort to survive. And that means thousands of individuals and families are being left jobless or are trying to exist on impossibly short hours.

Because some of these are long term, tried and true employees, you’ll feel your heart close to breaking as you reluctantly raise the subject of their retrenchment.

But while government support may not be sufficient for you to even consider retaining those loyal staffers, hopefully it will enable you to help them – in a very practical way.

Here’s how:

Windsor Group has long offered its client-employers a user-pays Outplacement Program.  In ordinary times, this is an honourable parting gesture that rewards good service and  gives people who have been retrenched, the capability and confidence to find another position.

Delivered over weeks, the program assists them in developing a jobsearch toolkit, offers tips, counselling, advice and various forms of support, in a one-to-one situation where they are mentored by a trained professional. In short, it helps them to get back on their feet.

In its present form, the existing program requires adjustment in line with the current situation. But we’re working with experts – such as psychologists and counsellors – to develop an updated version. It will be ready to action in just a matter of weeks.

This is a great way for you to help the people you’ve been forced to retrench regain their faith in human nature and their hopes for the future. In spite of everything.

If you’d like to know more about what we have in store, starting times and the various options and price points we’ll be offering, please contact us for a Fact Sheet using the button below.


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If you’ve been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic or require support, we’ve compiled a list of services available to assist your mental wellbeing and health. Click the button below to find out more.


Mental Wellbeing Services



Outplacement Testimonial