Temp and Contract Work

Windsor Group take the time to help candidates find rewarding and flexible temporary and contract work here in Brisbane and throughout Australia.

We are committed to matching talented individuals seeking temporary meaningful work opportunities with ethical, purpose-driven organisations. Find out more about the benefits of becoming a Windsor Group Temp, where to start and our recruitment process using the headings below.

  • Some of the benefits of temp or contract work include:
    • The flexibility of working when you want to.
    • Generally finding suitable paid work faster than when you compete for full-time permanent roles.
    • A chance to grow beyond your comfort zone.
    • Opportunities to ‘test drive’ various a positions.
    • The scope to gain new experiences and skills.
    • The chance to build expertise in a particular discipline across various applications.
    • Making new friends and contacts.
    • Each new role will strengthen your resume.
    • And, the distinct possibility that a temp role can become permanent position, if that is what you are seeking.
  • As a Windsor Group Temp, you’ll find the rewards are exceptional.
    • You’re treated as someone special – valued and cared for.
    • You’ll be in regular touch with your Consultant.
    • You can update skills for free.
    • You can take advantage of some awesome opportunities to network.
    • You will be invited to take part in some unique professional development events.
    • Our rates of pay are competitive and attractive.
    • And of course, if you are meticulous with time sheets, your pay will arrive on time every time.
  • So, where do you start?
    • Check out our Job Search, see a role you’re keen to do and follow the instructions on how to apply online.
    • Make yourself known by sending your resume with a short explanation of why you want to be a Windsor Group temp.
    • Or you may come to us via referral from another respected candidate or client.
  • And what can you expect from there?

    First up, we need to know whether we’re going to be able to assist you. So, we’ll instigate what’s called a ‘phone screen’. This is a ‘getting to know you’ exercise where we:

    • will ‘walk you through’ your last three jobs.
    • talk about your reasons for leaving those.
    • explore the reasons why you’re now looking to temp.
    • evaluate your general availability.
    • and review the pay rate you’re seeking.

    If we believe we can help you with temp and contract work, we will discuss opportunities with you. If you are seeking office support roles, we will offer you the opportunity to do a skills test in the comfort of your own home.

  • Skills testing

    General office support staff are tested with data entry as a minimum. We find this very useful since data entry allows us to gauge speed and accuracy, attention to detail and how well you know your way around a keyboard. If you are seeking a particular role we test you appropriately – eg Word for EA’s and PA’s and Excel for accounting staff.

    It’s really in your favour to do as well as you can in these tests. The results are a tool are share with our Clients.

  • Your interview

    We’ll then invite you to attend an interview at our CBD offices at a suitable time. Dress as you would for any professional interview. Bring along hard copies of all your credentials – academic transcripts, blue card, police clearance etc and your resume.

  • Your references

    We will phone your referees to ask some quite probing questions. So, it’s a good idea to confirm that they’re still agreeable to help and advise them to expect our call.

  • After you have registered as a Windsor Group temp

    Please keep in touch and keep us up-to-date with your movements and availability. Try to text or email your Consultant at least every two weeks. But remember, we’re always open to having a chat over the phone

    And remember if you miss a call from us – or get a text – ring your Consultant back as close to immediately as you can. It might be about some work.

  • Your pay

    Pay rates for each assignment match the awards or duties of the position and take into account your professional experience. This will be discussed with you each time you’re offered a different role.

Temp of the Month Award

We love to show our appreciation for our hard-working temps!

Each month, we reward a nominated Temp with a Temp of the Month certificate and gift hamper to share with their team.

This award goes to someone that has gone above and beyond the call of duty, professionally represented their business, and/or has helped their organisation through a time of change.

Some of our previous Temp of the Month winners

Interested in becoming a Windsor Group temp?

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