Engagement and Innovation Survey

Measure the productivity, motivators and engagement of your staff.

Commissioned by Windsor Group, the Nonprofit Engagement and Innovation Survey is designed to help your organisation stay in touch with, and respond to, the many changes facing you today and into the future.

Windsor Group partners with QUT to conduct research and survey on organisational culture and climate on behalf of businesses and whole industries.

The results of the survey will give you invaluable insight into the:

  • Productivity and engagement of your staff with the company’s goals.
  • The motivators of your employees
  • Your understanding of how the nonprofit sector operates – including the strengths and weaknesses in the industry.
  • Plus much more, which is outlined in the Information Pack below.
Brisbane Powerhouse has hugely benefited from participating in the QUT Windsor Group Staff Engagement Survey. Now over 2 years, we have been able to compare results over the time, across departments, but also most significantly, benchmark with the wider non-profit sector.
The survey is cost effective, simple to deliver and straightforward for managements and staff to understand. We highly recommend it to any organisation looking to take its own temperature and engage their staff on the journey.
Fiona Maxwell, Former CEO
Brisbane Powerhouse

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Engagement and Innovation Survey