Social Enterprise

Statement of Achievement: Social Enterprise

22 years of social good.

In May 2017, Windsor Group underwent an evaluation by Dr Lyn Alderman, Principal Evaluator. The purpose of this evaluation was to determine the extent to which Windsor Group achieved our ambition to re-invest profits into building the capacity of people and purpose-driven, socially-conscious organisations. A social enterprise is defined as an organisation that operates as a business with a significant focus on contributing to social good.

Our ambition has been realised based on the findings of the evaluation. The foundation of this achievement includes:

This evaluation recognises the work we have been doing at Windsor Group for a number of years. Our results for the current financial year are displayed below.

1. Staff Belief

100% of Windsor Group staff are committed to our social enterprise purpose. That’s why they choose to work at Windsor.

2. Monthly Charity

Windsor Group has supported 12 not-for-profit organisations this financial year through promotion to our clients and candidates via our website and social media platforms.

3. Capacity Building

So far in this financial year*, Windsor Group has hosted 18 capacity building events and webinars to 291 attendees, representing 178 individual nonprofit, government and commercial organisations around Queensland.

*As of 24 March 2022

Windsor Group is a member of
Queensland Social Enterprise Council (QSEC).

Find out more about the Queensland Social Enterprise Council here: http://www.qsec.org.au/