Job Seekers

With over two decades of experience, Windsor Group has an excellent record for placing the right candidates into various roles.

Our candidates receive the same values-based service as our clients. We take you seriously as a valued individual and do everything we can to use recruitment to change your life for the better.

The consultants at the Windsor Group are warm, nurturing and compassionate. They are like family.
Lisa M.
Former Temp
It has been my experience that the Windsor Group match the potential candidates well with the potential roles. Annette Rafter has been very professional and has understood my knowledge, experience, skill level and personality type and has successfully placed me in positions very well in multiple positions.
Bronwyn M.
The Windsor Group were always my favourite agency. Not just saying that either. You guys are the point of difference – being human and not treating people like a number!!!
Marita Mueller, Former Temp
Mackellar Group
Everyone at Windsor Group are customer focused and really keen to get the right person for the right role.
Shirley L.
The personalised service and regular communication with candidates as well as active canvassing makes me feel like Windsor Group is really and genuinely keeping me in the forefront of mind for opportunities as they arise and then providing great professional support when taking me through the whole recruitment process.
Paul H.
Windsor Group’s style of communication which was both personable and professional suited me well. The interactions and follow up from Nicola Manson made me feel heard, understood and appreciated.
Darren F.
I believe Windsor Group know both their clients and candidates extremely well and are in the best position to align the needs of both parties.
Janelle V.
Kaye was an absolute pleasure to deal with and was very thorough and professional. Kaye was extremely knowledgeable about the company and role I was applying for, including certain staff benefits relevant to the industry. This is definitely the best experience I have ever had with a recruitment agent and agency and I have worked all over the world.
Alicia R.
Windsor Group treat their candidates with dignity and respect. They take the time and make the effort to get to know the candidate and do their due diligence to find a suitable role. Kaye Jeffers and all the other staff I spoke to were always professional, courteous, respectful and empathetic. They embraced individuality rather than trying to shoe horn into a role. Their words match their actions.
Anushka G.
I have never experienced such personal treatment by a recruitment agency before. During my interview, I was introduced to several members of the temp team. So far, I have had two placements with organisations that suit my skills and interests perfectly.