Mental Health Webinar for Business Leaders

How can business leaders support their team during these uncertain times?

Facilitated by Dylys Bertelsen OAM (CEO, Windsor Group), in this webinar, guest speakers: Dr Erica Crome (National Mental Health Commission), John Brady (MATES in Construction), and Steve Eltis (Wesley Mission Queensland) share their insights, strategies and experiences for creating mentally healthy workplaces.

Key segments:

  • Welcome and acknowledgements (00:00)
  • Introduction of panel members (03:33)
  • The Blueprint for Mentally Healthy Workplaces (05:28)
  • Panel Q&A
    • The impacts that COVID-19 is having on mental health at work (10:38)
    • The responsibilities businesses have to support their staff during these uncertain times (16:18)
    • Practical examples of initiatives and innovations that can be implemented to promote mentally healthy workplaces (20:48)
    • What can workplaces do to support mental health at work? (29:09)
    • Identifying signs of those struggling with mental health and how to address these situations (32:12)
    • Incorporating the wisdom of those with lived experience into the design of support initiatives (39:17)
    • Potential factors in 2022 and 2023 that will impact mental health at work (46:19)
    • The pros and cons of using comprehensive and specifically designed initiatives in comparison to more bespoke and targeted initiatives (52:33)
    • What does the future of mental health at work look like? (1:04:00)
  • Closing remarks (1:10:18)

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