How to Onboard and Integrate your New Team Member

After utilising Windsor Group’s recruitment search services and finding the right candidate for your team, getting your new hire fired up about the work your organisation does, is not something that just automatically occurs once the candidate accepts your offer. You may be excited to have a new face on your team, but it could be a challenge to onboard the candidate, especially if your organisation is under restructuring, is implementing internal changes, or is situated in a crisis.

The state of your organisation directly impacts your new hire’s contributions. Not being able to exercise the authority within the position while in a toxic work environment is another factor organisations need to address, as often it is one of the crucial factors that lead to promising hires failing in their new roles.

The management of an organisation plays a crucial role in the organization, be it in helping develop a strategic plan or even developing a fundraising campaign. The candidates that Windsor Group secures for our clients have valuable connections in different industries as well as strong business acumen to help develop a sound plan for the organisation to deliver on their strategic objectives and deliver value for their customers.

A great, positive initial experience for a newly hire, along with a positive company culture, is the initial step an organisation needs to take, along with several others, to onboard and successfully integrate your candidate into the team.

Now let us look at some more ways you can help your candidate during their onboarding experience into your team.

Hold an orientation workshop

Holding an introductory orientation or a meet and greet with the help of your team can effectively integrate the new hire through understanding the history of the organisation as well as the inner workings of the organisation, be it the roles different people and departments have inside the organisation and making clear what you expect out of the role. This will help lay the groundwork so that your new hire can navigate and place themselves within the organisation.

Express the organization’s vision and values, as well as the role’s responsibilities.

Your new hire has viewed your organisation from the outside, which provides you with a fresh set of eyes that would rejuvenate discussions that may have seemed insignificant to the team but are actually a crucial point of discussion when looking from the outside. Talking about the values and the vision of the organisation clearly sets up the direction the organisation is heading and clearly mitigates expectations for the hire as well as your team.

During the onboarding process, assign structured tasks.

Motivation is key, especially during onboarding. Assigning structured tasks during the initial phase of employment can boost your newly hired staff member’s ability to navigate and learn more about how to tackle the responsibilities given. Giving unclear work or assuming they can jump into assignments that they know nothing about should not be done during the onboarding phase. Making them engaged by putting them to work is an effective way to integrate them into the organisation.

Promoting inclusive communication in the workplace

Including new members of your team into existing discussions and conversations is one of the easiest ways to integrate them into the team. Encouraging existing members to be inclusive and have consistent communication with the new member is a positive approach for integrating the member into the team, thereby helping them be comfortable in sharing their own ideas and opinions on different projects the team works on.

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