5 Ways to Make Your Company’s LinkedIn Page Stand Out

1. Create a unique new banner

Create a banner which speaks to your audience needs. Use your banner to let them know what services you provide at a glance. Using your brand colours to create your banner is a great way to show consistency to your audience. Tip: have a look at your competitors page for inspiration.

2. Create relevant content

Create content relevant to what services your organisation provides and post regularly. Try to keep a balance of relevant engaging content useful to your audience while highlighting your services. Curating original content is a great way to keep your audience engaged on your page. Promoting your audiences posts by resharing them is a great way to promote your audience as well as showcase different forms of content to your audience. Remember to tag them while sharing using ‘@’.

3. Employee Advocacy

If you have employees, using their network to promote the company post is a great way to showcase your content to a wider audience and in turn increase your post views as well as page followers. You could do so by emailing a link to the post or using your organisations project management tool to share the link for them to share with their network.

4. Use relevant hashtags #

Use relevant hashtags to what the content of the post talks about so it can be seen by the right audience. Creating a unique hashtag is also an effective way to promote your brand as well enables your employees use it on their posts if its relevant to your organisation.

5. Write a compelling “About Us” section

Optimise your company’s About Us section to tell visitors everything they need to know about your company. Using a simple structure to word it in an accessible language as well as utilising relevant keywords to outline your services, your goals and what’s unique about your organisation is a great way to fill in the “About Us” section of your LinkedIn page.

Check out Windsor Group’s LinkedIn Page here