Help Us Help You (and Yours!)

Help Us Help You (and Yours!)

For Queensland’s non-profits, key staff with proven explicit skills will soon be rarer than gold.

You’re going to need them to maintain your mission and keep your business running. But where will you find them? How will you attract the best?
And how can you be sure they’re market proven and trustworthy?

These will be people with a wide range of professional, clerical and clinical skills. For example:

  • EA’s and virtual admin staff
  • Clinicians, AIN’s, nurses and practice managers
  • HR, IT and Communications professionals
  • Aged care & disability workers
  • Cleaners, ward & hospitality staff – and many more.

It’s a big order. But, we’re all in this together. And Windsor Group can help you find the right people to fill the gaps and strengthen your teams.

We have a wide pool of contractors, the skills to find and process many more and 20 years’ experience leading non-profit staffing. We’re here for the duration – whatever that may be – and we’re ready and able to salve your pain points.

So, tell us what they are. Tell us what you need, explain your problems, share your ideas – no matter how silly you think they might be – and let’s partner to find real, non-nonsense solutions.

Share with us how you want to work; whether you need full service or just a part – such as HR advice, help with advertising or screening applicants, reference checking or any other portion of a standard recruitment process – so we can dovetail what we have into what you need.  And of course, that can always change to fit the circumstances as we go along.

Here at Windsor Group, we have the expertise, the experience and the agility to help you through this upcoming staffing crisis – at friendly rates negotiated around what you can afford.

So, don’t stress! Pick up the phone and call us on (07) 3211 0001.  Let’s examine your pain points. And, together we can evaluate the staff complement you’re likely to need to keep your business running through whatever lies in store.

By joining forces and utilising just some of the special recruitment expertise we have to offer, you can be confident of being able to continue to provide help where it’s needed most in our community.


To find out what measures we’re taking to ensure the health, security and well-being of our staff and our clients, click here.