Business Update

At Windsor Group, our product is people. Yours and ours. And it’s their health, security and wellbeing that must always remain top of mind.

Accordingly, we want to reassure that – having taken all possible precautions against COVID-19 – it’s business as usual at Windsor Group.

Here’s where we stand today:

  1. Our premises have been thoroughly sanitised to medical standards - and will continue to be maintained at that level.
  2. Anyone who is at all unwell – and that includes Windsor Group staff, outsourced temps and potential candidates  – has been advised to remain at home.
  3. We already have a market-proven work-from-home culture that we will extend as and when the need arises. All key personnel are technologically equipped to remotely carry on business to our usual standards of excellence.
  4. Our office, including the board room, meeting rooms, staff desks, kitchen and bathrooms are being utilised in accordance to the recommended 1.5m physical distancing at all times.

Because of these measures and our cloud-based technology, our business continuity processes are intact. We’re keeping on keeping on and it’s very much ‘business as usual.’

So, if there’s any way at all we can help during these troublesome times, please get in touch here. You’ll find our entire team is concerned and caring but just as calm, optimistic and helpful as ever.

If you require mental wellbeing support through these challenging times, we've compiled a comprehensive list of resources that are available to assist you. You can find out more here.