Webinar: Administrative Professionals’ Day 2021

The inspiring Debbie Blumel (CEO of Your Best Life, Board Member of the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services) joins us as the guest speaker for our annual Administration Professionals’ Day celebration.

In this special webinar, Debbie discusses her top 5 lessons that she would pass on to her younger self, shares career challenges and highlights, offers tips on how to bridge the generational gaps in the workplace, and more!

These topics can be found at the following timestamps:

  • Annette Rafter: Welcome and introduction of Debbie Blumel (00:00)
  • Debbie Blumel: Introduction and acknowledgements (03:28)
  • Lesson 1: Welcome, welcome, welcome! (06:59)
  • Lesson 2: What are you going to do with yourself? (08:04)
  • Lesson 3: Back yourself! (10:59)
  • Lesson 4: Create your own space (13:32)
  • Lesson 5: Set your own narrative (15:22)
  • Q&A
    • Feminism – Are women (particularly the younger generations) scared of it? (18:15)
    • Are mentors needed for personal growth and professional development? (22:41)
    • Top 3 attributes to look for in an EA (25:24)
    • Where is the role of an EA heading in the future – particularly with advances in technology? (28:40)
    • Greatest challenge and highlight of your career (31:39)
    • Tips for bridging the generational gaps in the workplace (37:57)
  • Annette Rafter: Closing remarks (42:08)