We onboard your new Board Members

As market and environmental forces create a need for nonprofits to diversify and innovate, recruiting Board Members with diverse and complementary skills is vital. Of similar importance, is the need to successfully induct new Members into an established Board in a short amount of time.

This is where Windsor Group make a difference
We provide expert advice and solutions to nonprofits seeking to recruit and onboard new non-executive Directors to serve as Board Members and Chairs.

Our aim is to help you source, select and onboard the right talent as seamlessly as possible, setting your Board up for success. All for one nominal flat rate.

Windsor Group can locate eminently suitable candidates for your Board from our vast government, community, commercial and social networks. We also have access to a variety of high-calibre candidates on our database, who have indicated their interest in contributing their special expertise to NFP Boards.

Having worked at senior levels in commercial and nonprofit organisations, our CEO Dylys Bertelsen and her team bring a masterful understanding of the important skills, competencies, qualifications, influential qualities and experience needed to create a strong, equalised Board.

In addition to providing everything you need to select the right Board Members, we can assist with the onboarding process. We will work with senior leadership and the current Board to provide a suitable induction program. This ensures new Board Members transition into the existing team smoothly and sets the whole Board up for success.

For a confidential discussion about our Board Search and Advisory Service call Dylys Bertelsen on 3211 0001 or contact us.

Windsor Group is a social enterprise building the capacity of people and purpose-driven, socially-conscious organisations.