This New Year … rewind your attitude to time

Events during 2017 have left their mark in very different ways.

Many of us – at all levels of professional life – never felt so overwhelmed.

We’re conflicted and engulfed by a life that increases in complexity every hour and every day.

More pressure. More bills. More decisions. More problems. More weird weather. More change. More tragedy.

More social injustice.

Life is flying off on disturbing tangents and increasing its already dizzying speed.

But over the break, you have the chance to stop the world and get off for a bit.

Walk away. Switch off your devices. Take back great, empty, indulgent slices for yourself.

Move yourself into a place where urgency is an empty word.

While away a day without guilt.

String moments together gently until they become a garland of days.

Time is the gift we’re suggesting you give yourself this new year.

Not just time off on those glorious days when you don’t have to get up and go to work.

But real time out – where you switch off the scheming and the planning and the worry and the what-if’s.

Where the most important decision of the day is deciding where you’ll chill out.

Swim, sail, paddle, live in the sunshine, play in the garden, laugh and be happy.

Be silly, be funny, be joyous and hoist your spirit high.

Relive how beautiful it is to do absolutely nothing … and then take a rest afterwards.

Make time your friend.

Then, come back to us in 2018 ready to expect wonderful things to happen.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing the new, relaxed you.