Placement of the Month: August 2022

Angela Uilderks

Placement of the Month | August 2022

Values-driven with a nurturing and caring nature, Angela Uilderks is a genuine senior executive with 20 years of professional experience that includes a significant amount of notable non-profit work.

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  • About the Role

    The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has the overall responsibility and operational execution for this NFP, with full support of the Board, while maintaining a culture which is positive and adaptable to a sector which is constantly changing.

  • About the Organisation

    Hepatitis Queensland is a community based, non-government organisation representing the interests of people affected by, or at risk of viral hepatitis. Our vision is better liver health for ALL Queenslanders. We want all Queenslanders to enjoy the benefits of a healthy liver and ensure everyone has access to appropriate medical treatment, up to date and accurate health information and opportunities to learn and understand how to manage their own wellbeing.

    What they do:

    • Deliver projects that drive change in our communities.
    • Advocate through creating powerful, engaging content and resources.
    • Empower and educate the workforce to understand the challenges of living with viral hepatitis.
    • Deliver ground-breaking outreach programs that are curing people living with hepatitis C.
    • Employ a ‘think outside the box’ approach to breaking stigma and barriers associated with viral hepatitis.
    • Work to change public policies, attitudes and behaviors related to viral hepatitis and liver health.
    • Partner with governments, public and private sectors, and foster greater public awareness of the urgent issues surrounding viral hepatitis.
  • About Angela

    Driven by adding value to the community, Angela says – “my strong social conscience is complemented by a keen achievement focus. I believe achievement and ambition are great, as long as they are not gained off-the-back of others,”. The vast majority of her career has involved providing services to vulnerable clients.

    As a resilient and agile Covid-era executive, Angela is continually scanning changing conditions. She assesses strategic opportunities and risks, identifies viable growth strategies and looks for opportunities to deliver maximum value to the community.

    Viewing her strengths as people leadership, balancing the strategic and operational and tackling new challenges with gusto and a practical mindset, Angela describes herself as very collaborative and instinctive, yet risk aware. She said, “I am a vulnerable leader and I see that as a strength. I believe that exceptional outcomes are achieved when diverse people work together within ‘safe’ cultures that allow them to leverage the collective strengths of the group.”

    With tertiary qualifications in Marketing and Behavioural Science and after 15+ years reporting to CEO and Board, Angela is also both financially literate and astute.

    A very warm, responsive, engaging and likeable professional leader, Angela Uilderks is an exceptional, can-do executive with a superb reputation for ‘getting in and doing it’.

  • Recruiter for the Role

    Adam Oakhill Profile Photo

    Adam Oakhill

    Executive Consultant

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Placement of the Month: Angela Uilderks

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