Office365: Your office’s Swiss Army Knife

Office365: Your office’s Swiss Army Knife

More than just your ‘handy-to-have’ tool, Office 365 is the all-inclusive office essential for every need – wherever and whenever.


Office365 is not only revolutionising the way we work, but where and with who. Elevating the original office staples like Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Outlook, this subscription-based software is making us more efficient, in control and connected than ever before.

So, what exactly is Office 365?

It’s everywhere, anytime

 With 1TB of cloud storage on OneDrive, and the seamlessly linked apps and software across desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, you have access to your files from anywhere. This organised storage means that you can share content and collaborate with others and have access to changes in real-time.  The ability to see comments, amendments and links from other collaborators across Word, PowerPoint and Excel shifts productivity into overdrive.


It’s all in one place

 Each feature serves as a certain tool, from Sway – a platform for creating newsletters, presentations and documents with that graphic design touch, to Yammer – a communication tool for social networking and collaboration. The diversity of tools means that nothing is left untouched. The beauty of it: it is all synced – it’s all in one place and the content and actions are transferable across apps. From project management to campaign execution – Office365 has the tool.

It’s the office essential

The mind boggles at the scrutiny of tasks that Office365 covers, overwhelming to think how this can be implemented. Research published by Microsoft identifies a margin of 30-40 per cent increase in productivity after the implementation of Office365 and the application of its tool to handle office-based work.

With training readily available for this software implementation, it is no wonder Office365 is the office essential.