Keep learning – Knowledge is power

Keep learning.

Knowledge is power – so they say – with formal study the key to unlocking it. And while that is doubtless true, true learning comes in a lot of other guises.

We begin learning from the day we are born. Some pundits profess that it’s actually well before we greet that first day. It continues until we draw out last breath. And again, there are many who believe that’s the beginning of a whole new experience.

But why are some people so much better at it than others. Is it intellectual ability ? Opportunity? A genetic disposition? Probably all those and more. But the real secret to the joyfulness of lifelong learning is the insatiable desire to know more today than you did yesterday.

Of course, whether you do something or nothing, you’ll learn things through the course of a day. That’s inescapable, your brain being the brilliant repository that it is. But there’s learning and learning.

Think about pre-schoolers. Their need to know why is insatiable. And the excitement – the joy – when they discover even the smallest answers is indescribable. They bubble with the sheer delight of learning. And they pursue new knowledge tirelessly, minute by minute.

Nurture your enquiring spirit.

That’s the spirit of curiosity we need to re-capture if we’re to find the fulfilment of lifelong learning – and the opportunities, experiences, fun and delight that it brings. Open your mind to the possibilities of learning – and you won’t be able to get enough. Each day will become a treasure trove as you discover more and more ways to discover new knowledge.

And we’ve all seen what happens to people who resist change; don’t want to learn new things and hanker for everything to “stay the same as it ever was”. (Pity they don’t think about what they’re wishing for!) They bog; then they stagnate. Then boredom and disillusionment set in. And with those comes anger – a familiar bedfellow of hater and depression.

Of all the thousands of species on earth, it is people who are created to be lifelong learners. Accept that; embrace it and consider yourself blessed. Particularly since you have been born into an age where the opportunities to learn have never been richer or more accessible.

Just consider what you hold in the palm of your hand

Once you’ve found your personal need to know, your digital devices will open doors to the world. You can explore far-away places. Learn a new language. Delve into the past. Study the stars. Acquire a new skill. Investigate almost any subject. Listen to podcasts. Read interviews, news and informed articles. In fact, with even half decent research skills, you can begin to learn on almost any subject that interests you… and all for free.

And don’t forget to look on your own doorstep.

Then, if you’ve a mind to focus on the type of learning that will set in train a series of events to take you to the top of the tree in your particular profession, on-line courses and certificates, diplomas and degrees abound for anyone who is prepared to pay.

But study doesn’t need to be long-term. Closer to home are so many enrichment and professional development events and seminars, workshops and short courses that it’s hard to keep count.

Rarely a day passes that those familiar alphabet orgs such as HRD, FIA, QUT, NDIS, AICD and so many others offer even more varied enrichment courses for you to explore.

Pro bono, SEEK, Linked In, most larger employers and all of the peak bodies for individual disciplines and causes have calendars crammed full of delicious learning temptations. As does your local TAFE, library and neighbourhood site. If you’re anything like me, they’ll drop into your in-box like pearls off a string.

And of course, last – but definitely not least – is our own exciting Windsor offering.

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