How to make change your friend

“Change is the only constant in life.” 



The Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote that, over 500 years before the common era (BCE), when conceivably even the revolutions around him were considered, ordered and uncomplicated by today’s standards. 

In this age of technology, changes in our lives are no longer simple or predicable. We are shifted and shunted by a myriad of influences. But, thankfully, we still have the power of free will – to make our own decisions and so shape our own destinies.   

Many forces for change occur outside of our personal sphere or influence. But one area where we can effectively influence life to follow our own general specifications is in our careers. 

 Career development is about conscious choice and change. 

Even though we’re constantly buffeted by change, we have all the resources we need to build the careers we envisage. We are able to work out where we want to go and to decide on the best ways of getting there.  

 Obviously, nothing is set in stone; nothing stays the same; but we can set a career compass and be guided by it… no matter how much the landscape around us shifts and twists. 

 The career you train for today may not even exist in 20 years’ time. And that’s where Continuing Business Development (CBD) is vital. It moulds, expands and stretches your capabilities to keep you contemporary and in control of future expectations in the professional world.  

 A destination, a travel map and a robust CBD program are essential. 

Together, these give you the information and the motivation to review and make informed decisions about leaving a role, striving for promotion, taking on more study or moving to a new role or sector. But you must plan to succeed. Nothing will sink a career faster than jumping ship out of sight of your departure and arrival points! 

 You’ll know when it’s time to make a move 

So long as you have set a course, the decision to change jobs tends to occur naturally as you upskill, broaden your experience and master new capabilities through training, experience and continued learning. 

 But exterior change, Murphy’s Law and unforeseen circumstances can sometimes wreck the best laid plans.  If it happens to you – keep your eye on the ball, stay upbeat and seek specialist advice from our Windsor Group outplacement specialists. 

 Windsor Group offers a variety of resources and personal support around career transition.

 And when you’re ready to actively job hunt, you’ll find plenty of great opportunities on the Windsor Group website– , information about helpful services and contact details for Consultants who are able to offer you all the friendly information and advice you need.