Employment Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccinations

Can you mandate that your employees have the COVID-19 vaccination?

As employers struggle to manage the health and safety risks associated with COVID-19, many employers are asking whether they can make vaccination a requirement of ongoing employment.

Hosted by Windsor Group, in this special employment webinar, Kristin Ramsey (Practice Group Leader at HR Law) will take participants through the key legal considerations in deciding whether or not to mandate vaccinations, some recent legal decisions involving vaccinations in the workplace and practical tips for managing risks in this area.

Key segments:

  • Introduction and acknowledgements (00:00)
  • Overview of presentation (02:42)
    • Can you make vaccination mandatory? (04:46)
    • Best practice implementation (23:33)
    • Managing risks (33:31)
  • Useful cases (38:32)
  • Q&A (40:50)
  • Closing remarks (56:15)

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