Do you have the best people to support your team and wider organisational goals in FY17-18?

“Slashies” are new in-demand skill sets that can help you diversify the skill sets required in your teams for a successful 2017-2018. Following on from last month’s blog about the increase in contract-based workforce in the gig economy, this blog explores the trend of multi-disciplined professionals being on the increase in today’s competitive job market.




The era of just one exclusive lifelong career discipline for life are largely over. Or at least this trend is what we are seeing regularly on our permanent recruitment desk. Employees now need to be agile and competent across a number of dual-disciplines. Some of these include Marketing/Data analysis, Accountant/Database innovator, Admin/Events.

Candidates also more frequently list freelancing on their CV and have their own consulting businesses specialising in various enterprises. I often find these candidates will have creative passions like building bed frames or writing children’s books in addition to their professional aspirations. Many of them have moved through their career in a non-linear fashion, something like the career jungle gym described by Sheryl Sandberg in her book ‘Lean In’. This has provided them with a chance to learn new skills and explore new opportunities.

This phenomenon is also known as having a portfolio career.



The ABS census data affirms this, with more than half a million Australians working in multiple professional role types.

These types of candidates speak highly of their abilities to offer a wider set of competencies and use their multiple skill set offerings to match the current organizational priorities of their employer. There can of course be frustrations associated with the seemingly endless requirement for new competencies that need to be developed and mastered at a concurrent pace. However we are seeing more Employers keen to harness the multiple qualities offered by these candidates and the expertise that can add value to a team.

There is much change afoot in the workforce due to digital disruption and innovation creating a need to build capability and capacity in organisations. I encourage you to consider the ‘slashie’ phenomenon next time you are looking for an employee.

Written by Kate Row, Consultant