5 Ingredients to Boost Job Satisfaction

What is Job satisfaction?

To put it simply the term Job satisfaction is the level of contentment employees feel with their jobs. Which in turn means the extent to which an employee feels self-motivated, content & satisfied with their job. Job satisfaction is achieved when the employee feels a sense of satisfaction in terms of their job stability, career growth and outcome of the work life balance.

Although the ingredients that go into making the work satisfying is subjective in nature, here are five proven job satisfaction ingredients found through research.

1. Culture

Having a positive company culture that provides support and help ranging from setting professional goals to interactions and exchange of ideas between colleague’s links to greater job satisfaction.

2. Leadership

Having a good leadership in an organisation that set realistic goals to achieve by influencing individuals or groups in the organisations towards achieving them. This is done through providing clear instructions that can be easily understood, which contributes to a greater job satisfaction.

3. Career Development

Having an individualised career path for each employee is a great way to boost employee satisfaction. Having a path in place to grow will encourage the employees to work towards goals and ensure they have a clear understanding of what is ahead if they achieve these set goals.

4. Working Conditions

Having a cooperative environment where employees can share their opinions and ideas freely and receive constructive criticism as well as mentoring opportunities is a great way to increase job satisfaction.

5. Reward and Recognition

Beyond a fair pay and bonus for their work, job satisfaction for employees also means having transparent promotional policies that are in line with the employee’s expectations. Job satisfaction is not only linked to pay, but also to fairness of the employee.

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