5 HR Trends to watch this Financial Year

Here are our 5 HR Trends to watch out for this Financial Year

The rise of remote work: As more companies adopt flexible work arrangements, the trend towards remote work is expected to continue to grow in Australia in 2023 and beyond. This will require HR teams to develop new policies and practices to support remote employees, such as providing the necessary technology and training, and fostering a sense of connection and engagement.

The increasing importance of diversity and inclusion: The importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace is expected to continue to grow. HR teams will need to focus on creating inclusive and diverse workplaces, and on promoting true diversity and inclusion in their recruitment, retention, and promotion practices.

The rise of automation and artificial intelligence: Automation and artificial intelligence are expected to continue to play a growing role in HR in 2023. HR teams will need to consider how these technologies can be used to improve processes and efficiency, and to support the development of employees, along with balancing the risks and legal implications of using this technology.

The increasing focus on employee well-being: In 2023, HR teams are expected to place an increasing focus on employee well-being. This could include offering wellness programs, promoting healthy work-life balance, and providing support for mental health and stress management. (see our webinar on Banishing Burnout here: https://www.windsor-group.com.au/news/banishing-burnout-webinar/)

The rise of flexible working arrangements: In 2023, more companies are expected to adopt flexible working arrangements, such as part-time, flexible hours, and job-sharing. HR teams will need to develop policies and practices to support these arrangements, think outside the box and to ensure that they are fair and equitable for all employees, while balancing the needs of the organisation.

Overall, this financial year is shaping up to be a year of continued change and adaptation in the world of HR. HR teams will need to be flexible and adaptable, and to be prepared to meet new challenges and opportunities. By staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments, HR teams can position themselves and their organisations for success in the year ahead.