Individual Membership Terms

The following terms and conditions apply to members of the Brisbane Business Collective.

Applications for Membership:

Is open to an individual who:

  • is not less than 18 years of age at the date of application;
  • applies in writing specifying certain information (including job title and organisation); and
  • agrees to be bound by this Constitution and the Code of Conduct.

Membership Criteria

The membership is open to all levels of office support professionals, with a focus on Brisbane (as the work location). BBC reserves the right to decline membership to an applicant it believes may use the membership website to gain commercial advantage by promoting themselves, their business or their products to members. Any members believed to be using the website or their membership to promote any product or service that they are connected to through their position of employment or otherwise connected to through any contractual or financial arrangement to other members, unless as part of a Network authorised initiative, will have their membership terminated.

Failure to Accept Conditions of Membership

All members are required to indicate they accept all terms and conditions of membership. Applications will not be processed until confirmation is received.