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Nigel Harris
Mater Foundation
  • Candidate 1: Senior Executive

    Strategic, operational and hands-on, This candidate has led the service response for Coronavirus and been a key advisor to several organisations on their clinical governance practices.

    Leveraging their relationships with State and National Government during Coronavirus, they have managed to gain additional funding for service delivery and preferred provider status for all Coronavirus services including mental health, disability, aged care, clinical governance, testing, assessment and vaccination.

    Seemingly tireless in their determination to improve people’s lives, this candidate also contributes to Boards where they are confident they can make a difference by sharing their knowledge, experience, fundraising, lobbying, training and other expert skills.

    This candidate is currently a Board Director for an NFP which specialises in housing homeless individuals with complex needs. They have succeeded in influencing government funding and cemented partnerships that have enabled the organisation to grow and increase housing stock for the homeless and disadvantaged.

    Core Competencies
    • Leadership in quality and clinical governance
    • Thorough understanding of the importance of accurate, detailed reports and plans, with a strong working knowledge of data management
    • Outstanding analytical, problem-solving, and trouble-shooting
    • Strategic planning skills employed in diversifying funding, implementing fee-for-service models and marketing plans boosting growth of the organisation and
    • Ability to facilitate teamwork, build rapport, manage conflict, teach, coach and counsel
  • Candidate 2: Senior Executive

    With a considerable history of advocating for peak bodies and working closely and collaboratively with state and federal governments, Boards, staff, clients, communities and other stake holders, this candidate has proven themself to be extremely proficient in the delivery of high quality, innovative, safe and financially sustainable client-centred services that empower and enhance the resilience and independence of clients.

    This candidate understands and has actioned diversified income streams by identifying/negotiating new business, mergers, acquisitions and liquidations always delivering on financial, operational and strategic KPI’s, growing market share, cash, NOP and EBITDA.

    Well qualified with an MBA, AICD and various diplomas and certificates across the health care discipline, this candidate is skilled in embedding and leveraging digital technology (CRM, eClaiming, Electronic Health Record, Health Information Systems, Costing Software) to enhance decision making and service connectivity, streamlining systems, processes and procedures and containing costs.

    Core Competencies
    • Program management, healthcare delivery
    • Governance – Board engagement, support, advisory
    • Strategy development and implementation
    • Business operations and strategy
    • Organisational restructure, transformation
    • Stakeholder community engagement strategies and deployment
    • Strategic partnership, relationship management
    • Evidence based solutions
    • Leadership, communication, mentoring
  • Candidate 3: IT Professional

    This candidate’s strengths lie in organisational transformation, developing complex assets, and delivering strategic roadmaps. They have worked on IT implementation projects involving organisational change. One such project involved the integration of components that were required to support a very significant complex ICT eco system, this included real time integrations as a critical component with a time critical delivery date.

    Flexible in their approach, they understand the necessity of taking users on the journey. They have a great way of communicating technology in layman’s terms and enjoy achieving results and providing value to the business. They have achieved success transforming people & processes across multiple programs while delivering functional and tangible business asset

    Core Competencies
    • Strategy
    • Business Planning
    • Program Management
    • ICT Management
    • Organisational transformation
    • Developing complex assets

    Significant Achievements

    Digital Innovations

    • Introduction of electronic medical records (IEMR)
    • Introduction of IAAS cloud environments and introduction of IOT hybrid nutanix in-hosting solution
    • Introduction of Electronic Service bus to establish integration across decentralised information systems
    • Introduction of centralised medical records storage solution across the HHS
    • Introduction of workforce planning for clinical resource planning.
    • Introduction of Trendcare, standardisation of nursing practises across over 16 hospitals state wide.
    • Introduction of Oracle 12c team, enabling rapid development
  • Candidate 4: IT Professional

    With an innate capability to move from the strategic and the governance space to the implementation and operational side, this candidate has the ability to understand how operational things work and how this translates to what governance decisions are made. A great relationships builder, they will build relationships so that there are working partnerships across the working landscape satisfying those groups with different interests.

    This candidate has a wealth of knowledge in business technology leadership with multi-faceted digital transformation experience, relationship management and ICT operational capabilities across both large and small-scale operations. This IT professional’s values shine through their IT work. They provide sound advice and direction in not only basic IT issues but also in strategy, budgets and governance.

    Core Competencies
    • Extensive hands-on experience in managing complex ICT portfolios and investments concurrently, utilising project management techniques and change management principles, with the ability to adapt them to organisational requirements
    • Solid understanding of ICT principles, operating models, and governance structures as well as contemporary trends, best practices and user needs with demonstrated ability to link services and solutions to business strategy
    • Leverages innovative and analytical thinking incorporating effective risk management strategies to offer real world, integrated solutions to complex operational problems in a fast-paced, change-orientated environment
    • Natural cognitive disposition to participate in high level operational initiatives, including infrastructure design, turnaround management and process re-engineering. Delivers tangible, measurable results that support and enable the organisation to achieve its business improvement needs
    • Proven ability to motivate, mentor and lead talented professionals. Live the culture and lead by example through the delivery of interactive and motivational leadership that spurs people to willingly give loyalty and effort

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