Make time your friend these holidays

December 11, 2018

In a world torn by greed and corruption, it’s too easy to lose faith in the ancient benediction of ‘faith on earth; goodwill to all men.’ Anger is all around – in the homes, on the streets and across the world – looming huge and dark and overwhelming.

But we can revisit our values, regain balance and promote harmony by creating personal calm.

Not in the sense of ‘stay calm’ as the populist credo dictates; but by knitting up a blanket of spiritual calm to wrap around ourselves and share with others who are hurting.

It takes a little time.

And thankfully that’s what most of us have right on hand over this summer break.

So, why not unwind your attitude to time these holidays?

Find your inner calm by emptying your being of the planning and the schemes and the worry and the what-if’s.

Relax in that space where the most important decision of the day is whether you’ll contemplate shade patterns off the trees or the patterns of the waves in the sand.

Relive how beautiful it is to do absolutely nothing … and then take a rest afterwards.

Contemplate. Meditate. Luxuriate.

 Be playful and loving, relaxed and funny. Sing and dance; laugh and be joyous. Hoist your spirit high. Be kind and unexpected. Help others in amazing ways. Contemplate the concept of peace on earth.

And pause (often) to remember that there really is far more to life than increasing its speed or the volume of ‘things’ that you own.

Then, come back in 2019 and join us, ready to live life the way you want the world to be.