5 reasons why modern businesses need temps

February 12, 2019

When do modern businesses use temps to best effect? 

Today, temps are a strong and respected force: many are acknowledged experts in their own right.  They are individuals who offer excellent, market-proven capabilities across numerous specialties.  With experience over various different forms of enterprise, they are adaptable, reliable and they function at all levels from office juniors to C-suite executives.  

Many businesses wouldn’t function effectively without their contracted specialists.  

(1) Special projects 

All businesses have these -and the range is immense: from the niche capacities required for IT projects, technical writing, creative work, through to simply having extra pairs of hands to sort, collate and record special information. 

Sometimes an important piece of work comes ominously close to its deadline and there aren’t enough people to push it over the line. Temps bring added strength.  

(2) Predictable peaks 

Again, these are a fact of business life. There are times each year when you know you’re going to be flat chat – such as EOFY – and others where your work peaks through those cyclical causes that are peculiar to each business or sector. 

Plan ahead: define your needs: have a chat to an experienced Windsor Temp Consultant and lock in just the right contractor (or contractors) with explicit experience and skills to meet your needs well before tension starts to build. Add temps to your staffing strength at times of heavy workloads and you’ll keep everyone happy – especially you! 

(3) Staff holidays  

It happens every year. In fact, several times each year – generally when the school holidays roll around. When top performers and invaluable support staff all go on holidays at the same time, the result can be demoralising and cause a lot of internal ill will. 

Once again, be wise and plan ahead. Ring Windsor; tell your Consultant the situation and indicate the type of support you’re going to need. But don’t leave it too late. The end of year break isn’t only for permanent workers: many temps like to take that time off too. So, each year, it’s always a case of first in, best served.  

(4) When you’re working to fill a vacant position. 

With the best will and skill in the world applied by your recruiters i.e. Windsor, sometimes there are gaps between the unexpected departure of a key leader and the time it takes to secure just the right replacement. 

CEO’s, Chief of Operations or Procurement, Financial Directors and Heads of Fundraising are just some of the key roles for which Windsor has been asked to find temporary replacements.  

With our extensive data banks and personal knowledge of so many of our most senior candidates, this can be done quickly and smoothly so your business can roll forward smoothly while you take your time to find new drivers for its engine room.  

(5) When the unexpected happens. 

There are so many reasons why a valued staff member might be unable to come to work – in the short or even longer term. Unwanted and unexpected events plague every life – often taking a valued staff member out of the team with only a moment’s notice. Windsor offers a fast response temp service that can have a a qualified, experienced and reference tested temp in your office the same day that you call… often within a matter of hours. 

It’s all so easy. Check out the Windsor website to learn why our temp staff and specialist contractors are among the most sought-after in today’s business world.  But do it NOW before you need it.