Location: Gold Coast, QLD
Role: Executive

Exceptional leader & people manager to take ownership of a new role that views in-home care of older people through the lens of a community that cherishes cultural diversity.

  • Bring a sterling record of fostering growth in a comparable CALD community setting
  • Qualifications + experience essential with leadership + people management paramount
  • FT role Gold Coast. Attractive packaged $6 fig salary

Providing multicultural care for 40+ years, this organisation still leads from the front …

Around Queensland in the 1980’s, it was critically apparent that needs of migrants and people from refugee backgrounds, were not being fully met by mainstream services. So, this organisation was formed to connect people of diverse backgrounds, languages and culture into an inclusive community where diversity and change were prized. 

For 40+ years, this ethical entity has stayed loyal to that vision – supporting untold thousands by building bridges of trust and understanding, nurturing friendships, improving lives and igniting hope.

Here in 2024 – still providing vital services to mainstream and CALD communities – this progressive NFP continues to shape vibrant change through the development of innovative, in-home services to enrich the care of older people, appreciating how crucial ethnic history, cradle language, and special celebrations can improve the lives of their clients.

Grow the future of this vital outreach service….

Interested in taking ownership of this new role? Here’s what you need. Firstly, it’s a given that tertiary qualifications are important. These may be in Business Management, Human Services or another relevant discipline. Significant experience in a similar role will also be considered.

It’s important you bring substantial aged care and (CALD) community services experience, with a deep appreciation of NDIS and Supported Independent Living packages in a dedicated client-centric environment.

But even more compelling will be the heart and soul you bring to the role. Your natural empathy for other people and the compassionate ways you have of offering warm and tactful support are right at the core of this influential, leadership position.

Intuitive, understanding and aware, you appreciate how the complex needs of older people ‘transplanted’ from different cultural and language backgrounds will often magnify as they age requiring unique and innovative care that embraces the richness of their heritage.

To live a long and rich life, people need social interaction. But that can become very hard for those isolated by the complexities of age and failing health. So, your role is essentially to connect clients to the community so they can enjoy a better life. …. to make sure everyone knows what’s available to them and that they have the ability and confidence to access it.

This is a hands-on leadership role in which people-centric skills are crucial …

To bring the best to this influential role, you’ll be an organised, self-driven, hands-on communicator who is solutions-focused, WHS literate, loves ‘a bit of a challenge’ and is all about getting things done. Experience across a number of software programs is expected – as is your familiarity with the My Aged Care portal and the legislation that affects your industry.

As a genuine collaborator, you’re very comfortable leading a team of self-reliant, multi-skilled professionals working across numerous aspects of the business. Resilient, emotionally mature and spirited, you are decisive, cooperative, confident and capable.

Reputed for your integrity and ethical awareness, you’re also known for your agile and ready responsiveness within an ever-changing world. Unflappable in the face of the unexpected, you can be relied on to lead change, growth and innovation with grace and equanimity.

There is a lot more to this prime position than can be covered in this small space. So, if it sounds like you and a mission in which you could become passionately involved, please contact Adam Oakhill or Mike Conroy on 07 3211 0001 or email your cover letter and resume in Word format to quoting reference AOACOM.

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