From providing employee development programs to assisting with Board Strategy, our tailored HR services will help you to achieve best practices across all areas of your organisation.


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Windsor Group facilitates sophisticated, expert led training for non-financial Directors.


Varying from basic, half-day familiarisation programs to specifically tailored programs, these professional development sessions ensure that there is complete transparency across the board regarding the organisation’s finances.

These practical sessions offer hands on skills, utilising your own company finances in a small grouped session.


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We offer twice yearly, professional development, coaching and speed mentoring sessions for fundraising professionals.


Our Fundraising Forum events offer level-specific professional development opportunities for all levels of fundraising. These sessions include:

  • Networking opportunities and collaborative panel discussions for Senior Fundraisers to air and discuss issues and concerns
  • Speed mentoring programs for up and coming Junior Fundraisers



A new age psychometric testing tool, Lumina Spark gives the full measure of any individual and is an invaluable resource for finding the perfect fit.


Predicting behaviour under various conditions, the test provides a base for job selection, team building and insight into performance improvement.

Windsor Group is one of the very few authorised practitioners on the Australian east coast.



Get the edge on competitors with a resume that selectors want to see.


We’re longstanding specialists in Executive Search. Each year we review thousands of resumes from senior people competing for C-suite and Boardroom positions.

We work with you to build a unique, completely personalised resume

Your CV and covering letter are powerful marketing tools that should never be underestimated. They will stake your initial claim as an A-list contender. Even when you have a really strong track record you need a carefully crafted document that presents you in your best professional light with a salient, cohesive and persuasive approach.

The resume you submit to your Exec Search Consultant is exactly what the client will get minus your personal details. So, you need to be sure it’s the best it can be.

And that’s what we produce for you.

When you use the Windsor Executive Resume service, a senior professional writer will work with you to make full use of what you offer. We offer advice. Make suggestions. When writing a resume, there are no templates or word recognition banalities. And no other resumes on the desk: it’s all about you.

With your input, we’ll polish the resume through a couple of drafts until you’re saying –  as so many clients do – “I look so good I hardly know myself – and yet -amazingly – it’s 100% accurate!”  





Windsor Group partners with QUT to conduct research and survey on organisational culture and climate on behalf of businesses and whole industries.

Commissioned by the Windsor Group, the Nonprofit Engagement and Innovation Survey is designed to help your organisation stay in touch with, and respond to, the many changes facing you today and into the future.
The results of the survey will give you invaluable insight into the:
  • productivity and engagement of your staff with the company’s goals.
  • the motivators of your employees
  • expand your understanding of how the nonprofit sector operates – including the strengths and weaknesses in the industry.
  • plus much more, which is outlined in the Information Pack below.


To know definitively where a salary package you’re offering sit in terms of industry norms, you will require a comprehensive, evidence-based evaluation from an objective, well qualified third party such as Windsor Group.

To reach an accurate decision on what you should be paying – for your candidate in your situation we:

  • access and analyse many strands of relevant (and confidential) information.
  • evaluate the requirements, scope and expectations of the role within the context of your business
  • examine the known benefits and challenges and balance these against contemporary intelligence and meticulously weigh our findings against other proven indices to define the ideal range.



The Business Maturity Scorecard is now live! Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA) has been working in partnership with the Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) to develop a free online tool to measure, record, develop and track your organisation’s business maturity over time.  

By answering questions across eight business domains, in less than 20 minutes you will receive a full report with an analysis of your organisation’s strengths and areas of development.  Set up your individual login and create your dashboard where you can come back again and again to test your organisation’s business maturity.  The Business Maturity Scorecard is a free easy to use tool designed by Industry for Industry.


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