Windsor Group offers learning opportunities for clients and candidates through events and training

One of Windsor Group’s core values is building capacity in the people and organisations we work with. We regularly offer training sessions and events in which individuals and clients can network freely while adding to or ending their skills base. Here’s a sample of the learning services we facilitate. The Windsor Group Outplacement Program

With significant experience in guiding, advising, helping, placating and re-directing both clients and candidates in HR matters, Windsor Group offers a flexible service that can be delivered on one of three professional levels and is suitable for both commercial and nonprofit business.

Fiscal Fundamentals

This is finance for non-financial directors – fiscal training using your own organisation’s financials so executives managers and board members can gain a better understanding of the director’s role in evaluating financial statements.

Professional development events and networking forums

These monthly professional development breakfasts, each for a small group of nominated office support professionals are so popular they book out in a matter of hours.


Windsor Group Onboarding is a program that supports both the client and the new employee to give the mutual clarity and understanding necessary to build satisfying long-term outcomes.