Windsor Group offers more than human resource services and recruitment solutions.

It’s called the Windsor Difference. We engage and collaborate with our partners across sectors to deliver an extensive social enterprise program, providing value to our clients and candidates.

Windsor Group is a ‘business with a conscience’, demonstrated by the support we offer individuals and ethical values-led businesses to achieve social good.

Our commitment to social impact means we help you to excel at what you do through our extensive social enterprise program. The purpose of this program is to build the capacity of both individuals and organisations by promoting skill development and knowledge sharing across industries. We engage and collaborate with peak bodies and our client partners to identify topics of interest and knowledge gaps. This consultation process informs the subject matter of our annual program. Our social enterprise program includes:

  • Professional development opportunities for staff.
  • Monthly networking lunch forum invitations to Chairs of Boards, CEOs, Senior Executives and HR Managers.
  • Peer group forums for staff and Executives at all levels.
  • Public forums on key topics of interest for different industries.

Windsor Group is making a difference through fostering knowledge insight and connections across people and organisations who are striving to deliver similar social outcomes.

To find out more about our social enterprise program contact us on 07 3211 0001 or come along to one of our various events and networking forums, most of which are provided free of charge.

Statement of Achievement: Social Enterprise

In May 2017, Windsor Group underwent an evaluation by Dr Lyn Alderman, Principal Evaluator. The purpose of this evaluation was to determine the extent to which Windsor Group achieved our ambition to re-invest profits into building the capacity of people and purpose-driven, socially-conscious organisations. A social enterprise is defined as an organisation that operates as a business with a significant focus on contributing to social good.

Our ambition has been realised based on the findings of the evaluation. The foundation of this achievement includes:

  • the re‑investment of Windsor Group’s profits into capacity building events,
  • ‘Charity of the Month’ promotions,
  • workplace giving
  • and a strong belief of staff in social good.

This evaluation recognises the work we have been doing at Windsor Group for a number of years. Our results for the first half of FY18 are displayed in the diagram.

Windsor Group is a member of Queensland Social Enterprise Council (QSEC).

If you would like to know more:

Vinnies launches Christmas Appeal – A Christmas without joy is no Christmas at all

More than 18,700 people in need in Queensland were given hope and a more joyful Christmas last year by Vinnies volunteers.

Yet a Christmas without joy is what far too many people are facing this December.

A Christmas without family, after fleeing from domestic violence. A Christmas without comfort and peace of mind, after bills have mounted up. Or a Christmas without a roof over your head, after losing your home.

Launching the 2018 Vinnies Christmas Appeal, St Vincent de Paul Society QLD President Dennis Innes said: “This year, more people than ever will experience homelessness over Christmas. There’s over 116,000 people across Australia either sleeping on the streets, in temporary or inadequate dwellings, or in halfway-solutions like boarding houses or crisis accommodation.

“A Christmas without a home is no Christmas at all. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Your generosity can help bring joy and comfort to people this Christmas. Because your donations will mean the chance of a better future.”

Vinnies QLD CEO Peter Maher added: “Inequality and disadvantage are getting worse in our country. The latest government figures show that at least one in ten people pay more than 30 per cent of their income on rent, meaning they don’t have a lot left over for food and bills, let alone Christmas gifts and celebrations.”

 “Independent research also suggests that the rising cost of housing has pushed more than half a million people below the poverty line compared to a few years ago. That includes 200,000 children in need of your help.

“Last Christmas our Brisbane region provided more than 2,700 people with assistance, more than 1,100 of those people in need were children under the age of 16.

“This Christmas, let’s think of those people without the money to afford a home; or those pushed to the edge by the daily cost of living, let alone the price of gifts under the tree. Let’s not leave them without a new year to look forward to.”

Your gift could change lives. Through your support, many of these individuals and families will be able to have the Christmas they deserve: a Christmas without fear and anxiety, but instead hope and joy. Donations to the Vinnies Christmas Appeal can be made at, phoning 13 18 12, or at any Vinnies Shop.